Looking forward: Some good and bad news

- October 13th, 2021 |

From the start, I’ve always had intentions not just to make a blog, but to make a resource for independent artists and those looking for the gems in the rough. At first (through nerdazine) I thought it was a blog/magazine that would focus on not only the artist , but the writers themselves but I’ve […]

Ultraklystron – Karlland

- July 12th, 2021 |

Ultraklystron is one of the hardest working people in the various subgenres that he associates with. He’s also the most underrated musicians to ever grace this earth. Since his earliest records, he has been developing his style, ultimately forming it into a unique sound that combines elements of trap music, EDM and the most recent […]

J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Donuts

- July 12th, 2021 |

Before his untimely passing, J Dilla was the name of all names when it came to underground Afrocentric hip-hop thanks to his signature sound which was dusty yet soulful at the same time. He had statue, influence and a large catalogue of artists that he has worked with such as Janet Jackson, Common, Busta Rhymes […]

We get inside the mind of Lonelier to understand what makes him unique

- May 12th, 2021 |

For as long as there’s been hip-hop, there’s been an ample amount of producers and those ample amounts of producers have been influenced from and taken their influences to brand new heights of which those producers have been influenced by and so on and so on. From DJ Premier with his signature style of Boom […]

New From the Tube #3 (05/10/2021)

- May 10th, 2021 |

New From the Tube was never meant to be perfect from the getgo, we’ll always be tweaking it so that the number of quality gems that can be found are high. While music is subjective, I’ve gotten a lot of critique that there was a lot of terrible music in there so I made this […]

OOYAH – Sex, Love & Other Drugs

- May 8th, 2021 |

OOYAH is one of those rare newcomers who’s music is good from the very start thanks to the years of experience he had gained from studying and playing music as well as listening to self-admitted punk rock/emo idols. His talent is evident in his latest album “Sex, Love & Other Drugs” which from the gate […]

New From the Tube #2 (05/06/2021)

- May 6th, 2021 |

We’ve got good news, our first “New From the Tube” playlist was so successful that our YouTube channel temporarily got disabled before YouTube found out what’s up and reinstated us. While it wasn’t that successful, I’m pretty sure the ones who enjoyed that playlist deserve a new installment of “New From the Tube”. This one […]

ReadyRockDee sits down with us for an interview where he tells us about himself, his crew and his city Yonkers

- May 4th, 2021 |

The city of New York has always been an epicenter of rap ever since DJ Kool Herc hosted his very own birthday party at Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx in 1973 and since then it has evolved to include emceeing, producing, graffiti, sampling and imaging, elements that remain a core aspect of hip-hop today. While […]

New from the Tube #1 (05/02/2021) (ft. Daniel Proper-Yates, CINCO, Norman Sianne, BEEBO, Young Sylence & More)

- May 2nd, 2021 |

At nodball, we’re always looking of ways to push the undiscovered gems of talent directly to you; even if it means doing all of the hard work that comes with shifting through the stream of videos that may be released at any given moment. So today, we’re introducing a new series called “New from the […]

Memories Made, Lessons Learned, and my New Journey

- April 28th, 2021 |

Let this be my testimony, and a history that will be told to future generations of Nodballs all over the world, so that we may look back with joyful nostalgia, learn from the lessons endured, and move forward into a fulfilling, prosperous future. The long and short of it is— I’m leaving Nodball Media and […]

We interview Mark Cooper to dig deep into his success and losses as an artist and a person

- April 28th, 2021 |

In every aspect of life, there are determined individuals who are always climbing to reach the top, always working to improve their craft, always working to show everybody around them what they can really do. If there was one determined individual who fit the definition to the letter T, it’d be Mark Cooper whose entire […]

Dragon of the Law (Short Film)

- March 9th, 2021 |

Asian cinema is both an artform and a genre in itself. With it’s action-focused plots and intricate kung fu fight sequences, it has it’s fair share of attractors and detractors. Those who love the genre love it, those who hate it often find ways to make fun of it without understanding the underlining reasoning behind […]

Mark Cooper – Success and Failure

- March 9th, 2021 |

The life of a nerd/geek is tough with them having to deal with their niche interests and the bullying that comes with it. The life of a black nerd/geek is even tougher, with them not only having to deal with what is said above, but with having to deal with daily discrimination and seeking acceptance […]

New Edition – Heart Break

- January 9th, 2021 |

New Edition is one of those influential R&B groups that has released many albums, formed many subgroups to the point where those members released solo albums of their own. To me, they’re considered the N.W.A of R&B mainly due to their turbulent history. From their formation in 1983, they’ve been plagued with bad managers, shady […]

Nate Dogg – G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 & 2

- January 9th, 2021 |

West coast hip-hop took a long time before it garnered the national spotlight in the way that it’s east coast cousin did, mainly due to the fact that no big labels were willing to take a chance on them until 1988 when N.W.A. proved that they were as hard (if not harder) then their east […]

Da Rap Nerd – Raw Cookie Dough

- January 8th, 2021 |

Spoiler Alert, I’ve known Da Rap Nerd (who is a rapper, teacher and hero like his idol Mega Ran) from the entirety of his career when he was known as “Darealworldsound” and throughout the years he’s been evolving his sound and finding his voice. “Raw Cookie Dough”, an album admittingly inspired by the work of […]

Madvillain – Madvillainy

- December 31st, 2020 |

Since the beginning of his career with hip-hop group KMD, MF DOOM has always been one of those polarizing figures in hip-hop with lyrics that are as disjointed as they are senseful and production work that would be one of the precursors to the entire lo-fi movement. He was always one of the most elusive […]

GR3YS0N – Libra Complex 2

- October 10th, 2020 |

GR3YS0N is proving that when his heart and soul are in a project, you get a banger of an album that’s a big level-up from previous works.

Mega Ran – AGES Vol. 2 Review

- October 5th, 2020 |

The latest installment of Mega Ran’s AGES series is nothing short of brilliant. The tracks are thoughtful, socially conscious, and displaying a more vulnerable side of the popular nerdcore emcee. His melodic hooks, airtight, introspective verses, and chiptune-laced backbeat come together to make an independent hip-hop record for the ages (see what I did there?). […]

2020 (Short Film)

- October 4th, 2020 |

2020 has been a tumultuous year that has been filled with a lot of downs and very few ups. It has been a year where mother nature wrecked havoc on Earth, where COVID-19 wreaked havoc on society. and people rose up to protest the social norms that were once acceptable. To put it shortly, 2020 […]

Mega Ran – AGES, Vol. 1

- October 2nd, 2020 |

Mega Ran as you know is one of the most versatile rappers ever with a subject matter ranging from nerdy to autobiographical to downright street. It had taken him a long time to get to this point of success where anything he touches turns to gold and AGES, Vol. 1 is a celebration of said […]

E. Live – Boogie For Life

- September 30th, 2020 |

E. Live is a member of the “Star Creature Universal Vibrations” collective based out of Chicago, IL… The collective’s purpose seems to be about bringing back those electro-disco vibes that were thought to be lost to time for a new generation to experience. Funk has had an easier time adapting thanks to people’s fond nostalgia […]

Cult of Personality – I Feel Nothing

- September 30th, 2020 |

Most rappers jump into the game without an idea who they want to be, often taking multiple releases before they find their style and identity. For Cult of Personality and his debut release “I Feel Nothing”, he presents an image that seems impressively developed but still requires more work. The music that could be best […]

Distant Neighbor – Wastelandia

- September 28th, 2020 |

Rock is a genre that is well recognized and well studied, a genre that has roots in guitars, drums and bass but is ever evolving and ever expanding with bands like The Beatles and The White Stripes being both past and present examples of study material. Distant Neighbor may be a newcomer to the rock […]