In possibly the greatest twist to the drama of bringing a new life into this world, a Tennessee family got the best surprise when the attending doctor entered the delivery room.

On Halloween night of  2017, Dr. Paul Locus greeted his patients at Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee. He was dressed as none other than the Joker, in particular, Heath Ledger’s version seen in The Dark Knight. I really hope he hit them with a ‘why so serious?’ when he arrived.

Posted by Justin Selph on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Justin Selph, the father-to-be, even joked about dressing his wife Brittany up as Harley Quinn for the birth, according to another blog post. It didn’t happen, but I have to agree that would have made for some epic pictures!

Later on, Dr. Locus came back to tell them he would be going home to pass out some candy and get changed. Luckily for the internet, the Selphs convinced the good doctor to stay in costume for the duration of the delivery.

“We kind of thought if he would stay in the delivery room, it would be kind of cool,” Justin said in an interview with ‘Today’. “He is such a genuine guy and a good sport. He would even talk every once in a while in that Joker voice.”

“I think seeing him dressed up in the delivery room, it did kind of take away from everything I was doing and the pain,” Brittany added. “It was a good laugh, it made me feel calm.”

The Selphs’ oldest child, then 10 year-old son Brenden, liked Dr. Locus’s costume so much he posed for a picture with the Batman villain. Their daughter, then 4 year-old Stephanie, wasn’t quite as thrilled, due to a fear of clowns. She was happy to report that she was dressed as the pink ranger for Halloween though.

Dr. Joker poses with 10 year-old Brenden Selph as he prepares to deliver his baby sister
Courtesy: Justin Selph

The delivery was a success, and baby Oaklyn came into the world courtesy of a good-hearted Joker. She also has a hell of a life story to tell right out of the gate. Afterward, Dr. Locus even handed the family a congratulatory card that was signed “Dr. Joker.”

This isn’t the first time the doctor has had a little fun with his patients in the delivery room, according to the hospital. They said he’s been spending each Halloween in costume for many years. “He loves going the extra mile to give them a unique and enjoyable delivery experience,” said Henry County Medical Center director Rhonda Crossett to ‘Today’.

Congratulations to the Selph family, and may we all be as lucky to have such a great doctor if we find ourselves in a delivery room on Halloween.

doctor delivers baby dressed as the Joker

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