In recent findings, we finally found out the secret behind where Daenerys…

**Intercom sound**

OH? You mean they want to… ABOUT ME?! Well that’s not going to be nearly as cool. Here we go…

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This is me. Yes, I did pick the best photo I could find, so you would always think I’m super pretty.

My name is Ashley Townsend. I am 28 years old and live in the beautiful state of Colorado. I recently married on April 26th, 2019, to the love of my life. It was the perfect day. The sky literally cried after the ceremony. Cats are my pet of choice. I have three cats (only because my husband won’t let me have more) named; Nomminae, Kairi, and Persephone. Tattoos are on my body! I currently have six, seven if you want to be technical. I have an irrational fear of traveling outside of the USA, so I’ve never been out of the country.

You would be surprised to know that I am a pretty shy person. Furthermore, my true colors only come out once I get to know someone, or I’m put into a situation where I need to have confidence. Best bet, once you know me, though, it is GAME OVER. You will have a BFF for the rest of your life who has so much energy.

A few of my favorite things…

I consider myself to be a professional “bad gamer.” “What is that?” you may ask yourself. Let me tell you. It means I love to attempt to play video games, but in no way am I good at them. Even more, chances are I won’t even finish the game because I lack the skill. If any of you want to help me get better, reach out to me! I would love some new game group friends.

I have loved anime since I was young, back when [Adult Swim] broadcast anime every night. Back in the “good ol’ days” of Wolf’s Rain and DBZ. Oh, how I miss those days! My mother would always ground me from watching Dragon Ball Z, due to the violence. That never stopped me. Sneaking up at 1 am, sitting so close to the television that it hurt a little, having the sound as low as humanly possible so she wouldn’t hear. That may be the reason my eyes are so bad.

My cosplay life

Cosplay is a big hobby for me as well. My all-time favorite fandom is a toss-up between Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Now hear me out. I know more about Harry Potter, because of how it’s more accessible in the United States. The passion I have for Doctor Who though is more robust. With it dropping from streaming platforms, it has become more challenging to follow. As proof, you could see above that I wear the T.A.R.D.I.S proudly on my arm.

Though I have not had as much time as I would like this year, Cosplay is one of my biggest hobbies. I’m hoping to be able to find the time and money to start again soon. I consider myself an advocate for the community. I have big dreams of making changes for the better. Have you seen my ‘Cosplay Is For All’ article? Check it out.

A taste of my work:

Dr. Who cosplay by Ashley Townsend

Me as a gender-bent version of the 10th Doctor from Doctor who. David Tenant was my favorite.

Alice in Wonderland Cosplay by Ashley Townsend

Me as the White Rabbit from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Trying to enjoy tea, but we are LATE!

You can find more of my cosplay photos on my Facebook and my Instagram.

What makes me a Nodball?

My passion and drive for all things Nerd Culture make me a Nodball. My nerdiness is not just a hobby. It is ultimately a part of who I am. The stepping stones of the woman I am are built by Anime, Wizards, and Pokemon cards. I have a force within that drives me to spread my love and joy to others who don’t understand our ways. It brings me so much happiness to be able to write and share information on these topics. I am a proud nerd who is so ready to bring you all the tasty info bits!

Meet The Nodballs: Ashley Townsend

Ashley Townsend

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