My name is Sandy De La Cruz, but you can call me Rya, Sandra D, Watermelon, Sandia, and just about anything else as long as it is not the B-word. If you do want to call me that then to each there own because I don’t give a rats booty! Welcome to Rya’s world of weirdness.. I mean what?!

I hail from the land of the outskirts of H-Town, also known as Houston, TX. I live in this comfy, cozy house with my two kiddos, my bf Jesse who sometimes lives here because he works away from home a lot, and the fur-children (my two cats) Cid and Kairi. Some say I am a geek, nerd, weirdo, crazy and certified crazy (because crazy isn’t just enough eh?). Some say I done just lost my mind. Yet somehow I am still here and standing to this day! That my friends is another long story we don’t need to talk about in this round.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised here all of my life. Also, I’ve lived in Dallas, Laredo, Houston, and now live somewhere in a magical land outside of Houston.  I was born a nerd, and immerse myself in the culture as much as possible. By day I play the professional role in an office setting, and by night I am a mom of two kids, Victoria and Jose.

My kids and my cats keep me busy but I love it, even when things get crazy. Currently, I am also an avid health nut. I have been on a weight loss journey for some months now and my lifestyle has changed so much for the better!  The results have been nothing short of amazing and it has improved my overall health greatly, which is the main reason why I embarked on this journey. Health and happiness must come first. My life is never boring. There is always something to do! I consider myself a jack of all trades; I like to do and learn a little bit of everything.

Meet the nodballs: Sandy De La Cruz
my goofy kids, who decided to get matching outfits for back-to-school!

A few of my favorite things…

When it comes to anything creative related, I’m in. Art has been a major influence on me growing up. It isn’t the only influence, but it was one of the first hobbies I fell in love with. Then came music which was my second love aside from reading, writing, singing, and dancing. I was training myself to be the triple threat as they say. I wanted to be a star, but I didn’t believe enough in myself to push myself to it. So in between is where I found my love for anime, role-playing, video games and writing songs and poems. I expressed myself to wrap around my reality, it was my escape.

My first intro into the anime world led me to my love for the culture which was, Sailor Moon. I would, later on, discover animes such as CardCaptor SakuraYu-Gi-OhPokemonCowboy BebopYuYu HakushoOuran High School Host Club, and one of my all-time favorites, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Video games were another thing I gravitated to. Growing up, I played the old school Mario games on the original Nintendo.  Classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Spyro also were in the mix.  Later in my teenage/young adult life, I found games like Final Fantasy 10 and Kingdom Hearts, where my love for games flourished.

TV shows and movies also heavily impacted me. At a young age, I would watch novelas with my mom. I love to watch shows in both Spanish and English.  Days of Our Lives was my soap. Also, I loved cartoons, even though anime had a more significant impact.  I am also a big fan of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (Captain America is one of my favs). The list of movies and TV shows I like is too long to name.  Many I still love and enjoy, or even watch for nostalgia. My love of music though is never-ending. Music for me is life, next to my kiddos.

What makes me a Nodball?

What makes me a Nodball is my cross-influences of things which lead me to become the super eclectic mix of a person I am today. I like just about anything. By anything I mean anything. No music genre, movie genre, tv genre, anime genre, novel genre, art genre, writing genre, etc. is off-limits (you get where I am going here). Except for horror and violence.. those I am not into so much. However, there are some things I take into exception. A good story always gets to me! So technically, not off-limits but not my main cup of tea. I am forever a Noball today and always.

If you’d like to know more about me, I’d love to talk to you! Hit me up in the comments, or join us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and run with the Nodballs!

Meet the Nodballs: Sandy De La Cruz

Sandy De La Cruz

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