My name is Richard Flanagan AKA FlashFlanagan. I know, strange nickname. It was handed to me years ago by a dear friend, and it stuck.  I am not one to brag. However, I was told It would be a good idea to introduce myself.  So here is a little bit about me. I was born in November of 1985 and grew up mostly in Silverthorne, Colorado, but spent many years in Kremmling, Colorado, as well. I graduated high school in Kremmling in 2004.

The big highlight of my four years there was the senior class trip to Paris, France. It’s the only time I’ve been able to travel outside the country, and I’m glad I was able to go.  Never did I think this trip would have such a significant impact on the rest of my life. I have been to the top of the Eiffel tower. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind because it is so high off the ground. As you go higher up, the fear sets in more and more as you go up, though it’s still one of my favorite moments in life. 

Richard Flanagan
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A Van Damme kicking kid

Aside from my french connection, another important aspect of my life was when I was introduced to martial arts.  You have seen the Karate Kid parts 1,2, and 3, right? We all had to start somewhere, in my case, on the playground practicing the Crane Kick technique.  My fondest and oldest memory that further fed my urge to try martial arts was when I was home one day off from school I was kicking in my back yard when my dad called me into the living room from outside cause I lived in a trailer at the time. My dad said, “son, stop kicking and come in here,” so not knowing what he would say next would change my life forever.

As I sat down next to him, I said, “what are you doing, dad?” 

“You like kicking son?”

“Yes, dad why?” 

“‘Cause I want you to watch this movie with me… you are going to like this guy son, trust me just watch.”

I asked what the movie was called. It was Bloodsport.  Yes, seeing Jean Claude Van Damme for the first time beat the shit out of everyone in the movie, watching every strike and kick to the face got me so hooked and drove me to want to take Tae Kwan Do. If you ever hear me talk about MMA and action movies you now know where it stems from.

A few of my favorite things

I have always been a nerd since I was sperm, beginning with Batman ’66 starring Adam West. Shortly after that came Tim Burton’s Batman starring Michael Keaton, then Saturday morning cartoons, Yeah I was that kid. High school was around the time I started loving anime. I didn’t start off on Dragonball Z like a lot of people did. I was lucky enough to see Gundam Wing thanks to Mr. Endo. Shortly after, Trigun followed, but the one I’ll never forget was Yu Yu Hakusho.  Never before has a show made me laugh, and charge me up as Yu Yu did.  I have also dabbled in trading card games. First was Yu-Gi-Oh. Boy, did I spend a lot of money on that one.  Even while I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh, I started the Yu Yu Hakusho TCG. I still have my deck to this very day. Also… team Rokuyukai for life.

Having the health scares I have had, taught me a lot about living a healthy lifestyle and just taking better care of the body I own.  Going to the gym actually helps feed my nerdy side and helps take away the stresses of my everyday life.  A very interesting fact, I get most of my creativity at the gym. You may be surprised at how the mind can open up after a good workout, whether it is at home, the gym or everyday tasks. Since watching what I eat and doing light exercise of some sort every day along with proper supplementation, it’s helped me a lot and keeps me on track and focused on being an even bigger nerd than you would think, so I guess that is what makes me unique.

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Living with lupus disease

Yes, I have the auto-immune disease known as Lupus, I was diagnosed back in 2009 after many tests and trips in and out of the hospital.  a brief description of what Lupus can do. Lupus can occur when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues. In my case, mine is causing kidney failure. I am currently awaiting a transplant undergoing the final tests for compatibility.  Life is tough, but with an awesome support team made up of friends, family and fellow Nodballer’s, I keep moving forward with my life.

(Editors note: for more information on Lupus, check out Lupus Foundation of Colorado)

What makes me a Nodball?

I would like to think that joining Nodball is going to help me embrace and express my love for my inner nerd. I am slowly loving the writing process. Finishing blogs, articles, and reviews is fun and therapeutic for me in ways I never expected. I also love the art of podcasting, being the co-host of Knowers of Things podcast is fun and exciting for me, it serves as fuel for motivation.

I am a Nodball, and I hope we’ll be seeing more of you around our amazing community. If you’d like to reach out to me personally, I’m on Twitter and Instagram. You can also say hello in the comments section below.


Richard Flanagan

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