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Comic book movies have made amazing evolutionary strides since the early 2000’s. The last ten years are certainly no exception, as movie theaters and televisions have been flooded with nearly every major character Marvel and DC have to offer. Fans can’t seem to get enough. while the movie business as a whole is in decline, the Marvel films alone have raked in a staggering $21.7 billion worldwide since 2010.‬

The 2010s were an excellent decade for comic book movies. The 2000’s started it with X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and of course, The Dark Knight. The 2010’s took that momentum and carried it forward; The Infinity Saga coming to an end, Batman fighting Superman, epic sacrifices— movies we never thought would get made (like the Joker).  Batman meet his first physical match in 20 years of movie screen time. We all laughed at some of these moments, and cried at others. We have felt emotions that we didn’t think we would with these movies and moments. I love comic book movies and this list took a lot of thought.

These moments might stand the test of time, or they might not. But in my mind, they will. These are my Top Ten Comic Book movie moments of the 2010’s.

10) Erik Becomes Magneto- X-Men First Class (2011)

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Michael Fassbender rivals Sir Ian McKellen when it comes to playing Magneto. He is calm, cold, and sees no remorse in anything he does. It’s disturbing in some ways. He also makes you feel bad for him and understand why he is the way he is. Sebastian Shaw kills his mother in front of him in 1942 while playing a Nazi doctor, to get Erik to show his mutant powers.

It has a long-lasting effect on Erik as the rest of the movie he hunts down Shaw. After joining Charles, who he thinks believes the same as him, he puts Shaw’s helmet on because he doesn’t trust Charles. In a very cool shot, as the coin goes through Shaw’s head, it cuts to shots of Charles screaming. Magneto has been born.

9) No Man’s Land- Wonder Woman (2017)

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Wonder Woman finally broke the rule of Women Superheroes don’t sell. It is a powerful movie that shows a real hero. Gal Gadot makes you understand she is Wonder Woman. She provides the love and hope of the character. And nothing shows that more than the No Man’s Land scene. As the Germans and British fight, a nearby village gets enslaved. Women and children are starving and dying.

Diana pleads with Steve to help them, but he says they can’t. It’s no man’s land; no one crosses it. Diana realizes she must do it herself. In epic fashion, we finally see her in the suit, and as she deflects bullets, she gives the British hope as they storm the Germans. World War 1 was horror, but Wonder Woman gave us hope in the darkness.

8) Deadpool kills a Car Full of Goons- Deadpool (2016)

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Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. That much is certain. Deadpool was a surprise box office hit, and a lot of it has to do with Ryan. He’s witty jokes, combined with breaking the 4th wall, fit perfectly with Deadpool. The car scene in the beginning of the movie shows this off to a tee. As Wade talks to the camera and cracks jokes, knowing there is nothing they can do to hurt him, he shoots and maims each guy. Oh, and he takes 5 seconds to wonder, “Shit, did I leave the stove on?” This is Deadpool, blood, guts, and all. Oh, and you get a few laughs too.

With the recent purchase of Fox by Disney, fans were wondering what this would mean for the Merc With The Mouth. With Ryan Reynolds confirming that work has begun on Deadpool 3 and promises that it will be R rated and in the MCU, the future is bright for more scenes like this one.

7) Superman Dies- Batman Vs. Superman (2016)

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I wanted to put this moment higher, but in the end, it gets lost in the shuffle. I think this moment is so powerful and beautiful. Clark finally realizes, to be the beacon of hope that Superman is, he must sacrifice himself to kill Doomsday. After telling Lois he loves her and that this is his world, he flies at Doomsday with the Kryptonian spear, stabbing Doomsday. Sadly, the spear makes him vulnerable, and Doomsday stabs him.  

Zack Snyder doesn’t get enough credit for is symbolism and as Batman hands Superman down to Wonder Woman, we get comparisons to Jesus disciples handing Jesus down from the Cross, this fits with the symbolism of Superman being God that is discussed throughout the whole movie. Wonder Woman and Batman stand over his body, and it sets up the Justice League (which sadly, doesn’t live up to it’s potential)

6) Church Scene- Kingsman (2014)

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Kingsman is a movie I didn’t realize was a comic book movie until I researched it. It is based on the Mark Millar (who created Kick-Ass)  comic of the same name. The movie is also very different from any other comic book movie with its R Rating, camera style, and writing. The movie follows Eggsy, who tried to follow his late father’s footsteps with the Kingsman, and gains a new mentor and father figure along the way in the form of Harry or Galahad as he is known in Kingsman.

Harry heads to a little Church in the south to see what Valentine might be up to. What follows is the wackiest, best camera work in a movie I’ve seen in a long time. Valentine turns on his sim card, and everyone goes apeshit. As they fight and kill each other, Harry joins the party, shooting people in the head and stabbing people with no mercy. As Lynard Skynard’s “Freebird” plays over the scene, you can’t help but laugh at the carnage. I love Colin Firth because of this movie.

5) Thanos Arrives in Wakanda- Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

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Avengers: Infinity War was the 2nd biggest movie ever. It combined every hero of the MCU into one movie and made the bad guy the main character. Oh, and he won! The film ends with Thanos arriving in Wakanda to get the final Infinity Stone, the one in Visions head. As the music gets lower and Thanos slowly walks towards Vision, the heroes try to fight him back. But they are unmatched for 5 Infinity stones.

As Scarlet Witch kills her lover, Thanos looks on with sadness, knowing he has to do this. “There is no time,” he says as he reverses time and brings back Vision. After grabbing the stone and killing Vision, he does what he says he is going to and wipes out half of the universe. Then he watches the sun set on a grateful universe, and the movie ends. Wow.

4) Logan Dies- Logan (2017)

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After 16 years and nine movies, Hugh Jackman got the send-off he deserved playing Wolverine. 2017’s Logan was the first R- rated Wolverine movie and second R-Rated X-Men movie, behind Deadpool. Hugh made the role of Wolverine his own; it will be hard for anyone to top him. In the film, Logan encounters a clone of himself in the form of a little girl, X-23.

They are chased by another clone of Wolverine himself, only when he was a wild animal. Logan’s healing powers have given out, and he can’t heal like he used to. Charles has killed all the X-Men, and after the clone kills Charles, Logan has to take the kid and protect her himself. After finding all her friends, Logan is killed by his clone, but not before we all cry when X-23 calls him Daddy. I’m not crying, you are!

3) Bane Breaks Batman- The Dark knight Rises (2012)

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After 6 Movies, we finally saw someone physically match Batman in a fight. After The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan had the task of trying to finish the trilogy off. While I think he did it, some people believe he didn’t, and The Dark Knight Rises might be the weakest of the 3. Tom Hardy had the task of playing Bane, and with his face hidden the whole time and only having his eyebrows showing, I feel he portrayed Bane just fine. Following Heath Ledgers Joker was always going to be a challenge.

Where this movie shines though, is in the first encounter with Bane. After being retired, Batman isn’t the same man he once was.  Bane easily fights Batman off, and after cracking Batman’s mask, he then breaks Batman’s spirit and body, breaking Batman over his knee, just like the comics.

2) Battle at Avengers HQ- Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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Avengers: Endgame is the movie of the decade. It is the number one film of all time, beating Avatar, and it was the ending to a ten year, 22 movie story. After snapping away half the universe, the Avengers move on. But after Ant-Man finds a way to time travel, they get all the stones back. But the problems don’t end there, as Tony says in the movie, time tends to mess back and sure enough 2014 Thanos follows them to the future and attacks Avengers HQ.

The Avengers put up a fight, but when Thanos unleashes his whole army, all hope seems lost. Captain America, all by himself, faces the army down, until the ones which were snapped come back. What follows is a massive battle between everyone and everybody. The Avengers keep the stones away from Thanos for a bit, but he eventually gets his hands on them and tells them, “I am Inevitable.” Which leads us into number 1…

1) Iron Man Sacrifices Himself- Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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After Thanos snaps his fingers, nothing happens. He looks over and sees Iron Man has the stones. “And I….am…..Iron Man” SNAP. Iron Man snaps his fingers, and Thanos and his army disappear forever. Tony has finally defeated his demons and won the battle. But at the ultimate price. The radiation kills him, and while Spider-Man keeps calling his name telling them they won, Tony dies in the arms of his wife, Pepper.

What makes this scene so powerful is moments before when Tony asks Strange if this is the one moment they win, Strange tells him, “If I tell you then it won’t happen” with tears in his eyes. Benedict Cumberbatch plays this well, and again, when Strange holds up one finger knowing Tony must die, Benedict shows the emotion well. This was the perfect moment for Tony, this movie, and this decade.

Did we miss any of your favorite moments of the last 10 years? As always, these types of lists are purely subjective, so everyone’s top 10 is going to be a little (or a lot) different. Let us know what your personal favorite moments are in the comment section below!


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