Hello and welcome to what is hopefully going to be a journey where no one has gone before when it comes to nerdcore magazines. We are nerdazine, a magazine devoted to the nerdcore culture and no, we don’t just stop at the music; we go on into the culture, the fashion, the community, the games, the general nerdiness of it all. We cover everything nerdcore.

While we may be new, we are actively looking for writers to join us in our venture. We want to cover every corner of the nerdcore world, we want to hear the tick of nerdcore and be able to cover it to every part of the internet. One person is not enough to cover the entirety of nerdcore and that’s where you come in.

What we provide are reviews, news, opinion pieces, articles, interviews, spotlights, we even have a satirical section. Keep in mind that we may add more in the future, we just wanted to let you know what we’ll do right now, and trust us when we say that we got an article that will highlight the culture of nerdcore as we speak that’s in progress, or anytime of the day that we happen to come up with a good idea.

If you do happen to come across any bugs and or features that need to be added, let us know and we’ll do our best to squash bugs or implement features. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, join our Discord and help us grow our comminity.

Did we mention that this site also doubles as a community.

We want to bring the nerdcore culture together into one place that gives them a voice and gives them an opportunity. While other genres are thriving, it almost feels like there’s no real good place for them. While we can’t ever be that perfect place, we aim to provide a good home for the nerdcore people who will like what they see and read.

And you will be an essential part of that community, the nerdcore culture.

Make sure to leave comments and reply to comments and vote, you’ll get awards and recognition and the chance to make your voice known across the internet stratosphere.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

Hello Nerdcore! We’re here

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T. Karras

Musician/Hip-Hop fanatic/writer for Nodball and half geek, half street.

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