Ever since the dawn of time there have been comic book shops. Some cool, some okay, some legendary. There are very few legendary comic book shops out there and it takes a lot of hard work and effort to make a legendary comic book shop; while finding one may require a lot of luck and skill, you just gotta know where to look and of course I knew where to look. In Claremont, CA lies the home of one of three locations of the comic book store known as “A Shop Called Quest”, a place that could be described as a geek mecca.

Outside the shop.

When you first enter the store you’ll see that you have entered the equivalent to the store of your dreams with Pop figurines, comic books, graphic novels, manga, limited edition collectables and even some local art. It feels like a place where your desires and your passions have become one and they carry everything under the sun. New stuff, old stuff, all sorts of stuff; you’ll find it at the shop called quest.

Seriously I was in shock by the scope and scale of the shop. It’s neatly organized, very bright, very inviting and very nerdy at the same time. I felt like I had entered into a nerd library or a nerd hangout. The staff were friendly and nice and were even willing to answer questions for me so I could properly write about how awesome this place is.

According to local legend, “A Shop Called Quest” was started 30 years ago in 1990 as “ComicQuest” in Redlands, CA. As time went on, the shop grew and evolved with the times, becoming cooler and cooler until they became “A Shop Called Quest” around 2010 or so. That’s when things started to really take off to the point where they opened a location in Claremont in 2014. The rest as they say is history.

As for how the store stays in business, well it’s because they cater to the local community; hosting art events, sponsoring local events and giving back to the city in any way possible. Their goal isn’t to make money but instead it’s to spread the wonders of geekdom to anybody who is interested. The wonders of art and storytelling are hidden within and shops like “A Shop Called Quest” are not only helping to expose it, they’re helping to get kids hooked on the nerd life. Without art, there wouldn’t be society and with no society there wouldn’t be life and without that, there wouldn’t be nothing. Having things like “To Kill a Mockingbird” in graphic novel form is a good idea.

As said by the manager of the Claremont location. The time is right for nerd culture to hit the spotlight and the time is right for a cool place like “A Shop Called Quest”. If you’re ever in the Los Angeles or Claremont or Redlands area in California then come on through! There’s something for every fan old and young, even the non-nerds will find something here.

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