• January 1st, 1970


Ok, for the rest of you, are you ready? Let’s get started, shall we?

From episode 64 to episode 77, My Hero Academia has taken us for a 360 turn of events.  We started off slow, but that changed as the episodes went on and delved deeper into the stories of our heroes and what would happen next.  Of course, we were hoping that the story would get juicy as we went on didn’t we? Well for the fans like myself, it certainly has taken us for a wild ride of sorts. So we’ll start from where we left off last, where our beloved heroes were getting back into the swing of things.

Midoriya along with some fellow classmates are to getting into work studies, where they will both work and study to become pro heroes. Here we get introduced to Overhaul, aka Kai Chisaki, leader of a gang called the Shie Hassaiki, a yakuza group and who is the new villain this season. We end up seeing the league of villains again as Overhaul meets them, hoping to gain their following in him to become the new leader of villains. Tomura Shigaraki, leader of the league of villains is not wanting to really cooperate, thinking he can be the one to do it on his own and not wanting to be second best. While the villains start off with some rough fights and some losses, our hero Izuku Midoriya has his own battles to fight.

Midoriya ends up at the work-study at Nighteye Agency, the agency of Sir Nighteye, All Might’s former sidekick. Midoriya quickly discovers that it takes more than being the successor of One for All to prove himself to get into the agency.  Not to our surprise, Midoriya joins the work-study. Midoriya learns of All might’s fate and is troubled by his findings, as Nighteye has the power of foresight and can see into the future. Midoriya is about to have even more troubles that plague him and the rest of our beloved heroes..and this is where the story starts to pick up speed.

Who’s that Girl?!

Midoriya and Mirio, AKA Lemillion, who is also in the work-study for Nighteye’s Agency, go off into patrolling for their work-study. It is here where a little girl named Eri appears and runs into Midoriya, and also where the heroes first get a glimpse of Overhaul himself. Eri was running from Overhaul and seemed so scared that she did not want to go back, but was basically threatened too. The heroes knew something was amiss and after that encounter, knew they had to do something about helping Eri.

We get a featured glimpse of some of our other heroes now, showcasing what each one has to endure in order to get through their work studies and work on shaping up their quirks. Red Riot is up first as we get a flashback on how Red Riot became who he is today.  Kirishima, aka Red Riot, fights off a villain who seems to get a power-up from a drug of some sort. Red Riot thought he was done for but where there is a will, there is a way. Red Riot looked back on what knowledge he has gained in his work-study so far to overcome this villain. Fat gum, Red Riot’s mentor, praises his valiant victory but is concerned that the villains are up to no good with black market goods, such as the drug they found that the villain had used during the battle with Kirishima.

Afterward, the pro heroes decide to have a meeting and invite our young heroes from their hero studies. Soon Midoriya, Lemillion, and other classmates in work studies learned more about Chisaki, the Hassaikai, and what their dark schemes have to do with Eri and the Yakuza. Our heroes find out that Chisaki might be using Eri in some way to help them in the scheme of their drug-making organization. We learn later that Eri indeed has a mysterious quirk that is being used against her will to make weapons for the yakuza that somehow removes quirks. This leaves Deku and Le Million highly troubled, and even more so stressed with the situation that they can’t just go around telling their other classmates about it. The pro heroes have a plan: To save Eri… but first, they have to locate the Hassaikai headquarters to do so. Once they find the Hassaikai’s location, the plan to save Eri and bring down the Hassaikai starts to take place.

Operation Bring Down the Hassaikai

With the plan mapped out to the tee, our young heroes and group of pro heroes head out to the Hassaikais’ location. Once there, the battle for saving Eri begins. Of course, the Shie Hassaikai didn’t prepare themselves for this battle, they knew it was coming! A few of the heroes start the battle outside, while some of the others make their way inside. Here we get to see Tamaki, Sun-Eater standoff against Yakuza members while digging into Tamaki’s history. Tamaki is reminded that no matter how dire a situation might get, he can always count on the confidence of his classmate Mirio to help boost him up and to not give up in a fight. Just when it seemed like Tamaki almost didn’t make it, his quick thinking and wit got him through knocking out three of the yakuza members on his own. Suneater stayed behind to make sure they weren’t going anywhere while Midoriya, Lemillion, Nighteye, Aizawa and other heroes join them in continuing on in the search for Eri and to save her.

Next Red Riot and Fat Gum end up being trapped somewhere else inside of the Hassaikai hideout becoming separated from the group and end up fighting a couple of members of the Yakuza themselves. Red Riot again gives it his all, and this time you get to see more of Fat Gum in action. Red Riot went down first with a knockout, and Fat Gum holds up the fight until it seems like all was lost. Just when Fat Gum couldn’t hold any longer, Red Riot comes back with just enough strength that he helps Fat Gum bring an end to their fight. Now our heroes are stuck in limbo with a powerful Yakuza member, making the walls twist and turn everywhere. Mirio had already decided to get a head start to continue the chase in reaching Chisaki and Eri on his own.  The pro hero Rock Lock finds a way to temporarily make the walls stop, but then our heroes get a surprise they were not expecting.

The League of Villains members Toga and Twice cross paths with our heroes, with Toga taking down Rock Lock.  At this moment, Midoriya and Aizawa, and the others had been separated from Rock Lock. Deku takes down a wall to get to Rock Lock and this is where he and Aizawa encountered Toga. While Aizawa blocks Toga, Nighteye has to deal with Twice. It happens fairly quickly, but our heroes are even more concerned with the fact that The League of Villains and the Yakuza joined forces, or so they think. Toga and twice step away from the group and end up betraying the Yakuza.

Clash of the Titans

And now..the moment we have all been waiting for…The fight to save Eri from Chisaki has come! This starts with Lemillion vs. Chisaki.  Once Lemillion reaches Chisaki and Eri, he has to first get through through a couple of Chisaki’s close cronies first. The battle a bit winded, seemed like Lemillion had gained the upper hand on Chisaki, but that was soon to pass as Overhaul had some help with that. Lemillion ended up getting hit by one of those bullet drugs that seemed to make quirks disappear, disarming him possibly forever. Deku and Nighteye finally made it past to get to them just in time… or was it too late?

Nighteye and Deku see the battered Mirio on the verge of defeat and step in to give it their all. Nighteye doesn’t seem to stand a chance against a now powered up Overhaul and is also seeming stabbed to what appears to possibly be his death. It was all or nothing, and Deku was the last one who was willing to put up a fight against him. At this point, Overhaul had pumped his quirk up by engulfing his cronies quirks and using it to power himself up to the max. The other pro heroes that had stayed up at the surface of it all came down to take both Nighteye and Mirio back to safety, once they had seen Overhaul had risen up to the surface. Before this, Eri is finally out of the reach of Overhaul’s grasp, and Deku does not let her go. With Eri behind his back, Deku rose up to the surface to battle Chisaki. 

The battle starts on the ground, and as the battle progresses Deku realizes something is off and Eri’s quirk went off uncontrollably. Even with that, Midoriya felt as if he needed to keep fighting until the end. Now Deku gives his all against Chisaki in an epic aerial fight off. Time is also of the essence here, since it seems like Eri is not able to stop her quirk. Deku figures that somehow with Eri’s quirk, he can use more of One for All without breaking his body. He uses this to his advantage, and breaks out into One for All at 100%! Deku delivers deadly blows to Chisaki, which helps take him down and end the battle that puts an end to the Hassaikai. Even after the battle was done and over, Eri could not stop her quirk. Aizawa realized this and had to make Eri stop using her quirk by using his quirk against her. It was over, the heroes had prevailed… or had they?

Everyone starts to work on the cleanup process of this operation. The wounded are taken away, along with the once-powerful Chisaki now broken and battered, but not without the League of Villains trailing behind them.  Shigeraki appears and has his cronies take down the vehicle carrying Overhaul. Once he comes face to face with him, He stands over him with final words and a most devious act: He breaks his arm off by decaying them with his quirk. A clear message was given, that he would utilize all that Overhaul had worked hard for against him and that he would not be able to do anything about it.  Meanwhile, our heroes are left without a clue and are working to gather themselves together in the process of healing.

A bittersweet ending

Our heroes are now trying to make the best of their situation, with multiple injuries to many of our heroes and pro heroes alike. Red Riot, Fat Gum, Suneater, and Mirio were some of the ones that had dealt with the most injuries. Eri was not doing so well either, but could not have visitors due to her out of control quirk and the danger it possessed. They would keep a close eye on her in hopes that the fever she held would pass.  Aizawa and Midoriya seemed to not be off so bad themselves, but there was one of our heroes that weren’t doing so good. Nighteye was the worst of them all, in the worst state where he might not make it out of this one.

With that, Midoriya had alerted AllMight, and since All Might and Nighteye had some beef before they had not seen each other for years. Although that was enough for All Might to come to see Nighteye and his current condition. Other pro heroes had gathered to speak of this, everyone that Nighteye worked with gathered together, fearing the worst. As Midoriya and All Might were with Nighteye, they learned he might not make it through the Night. Mirio caught wind of this and came running to see him. Nighteye shared a few words with them all, and by the end he spoke with each one, mending any troubled minds with peace and calm. He passed after seeing Mirio’s future and using his quirk for the last time.

The beginning of an end

With that somber ending, came the end of the Hassaikai arc in this series. What will happen next with our heroes? How will the League of Villains make their next move? What’s going to happen with Mirio and his quirk? Will Eri ever learn how to control her quirk? Will Deku be able to use One for All at 100% again? What do you think of this season so far? Share your thoughts as to how you think it will play out and end the series, we’d love to hear from you!


Sandy De La Cruz