In the early years, autism was often regarded as a rare mental condition; a gift and a curse in so many ways. You had distinctive skills and talents that everybody wish they had but you also have a brain that cannot function as well due to it constantly being overloaded by thoughts and imbalances. In the early days, the people who had it were treated as regular, functioning members of society for their savant skills but as time went on, people started to pollute more and change the environment of which we live in. As a result, more people were born with autism and because of that they were included in the ADA act, which pissed a lot of people off.

Those people form the autism hate group known as Autism Speaks who’s front is to help “autistic people self-advocate for themselves” when it’s actual mission is to “promote that autistic children are somehow harder to take care of than regular kids” and to “find a cure to end the autistic threat to society”.

Yes, I’m autistic but the words I’m writing are complex and my understanding of this issue is deep. Throughout my childhood I have been called a dangerous person and have been a victim of various people who received government money for taking care of me. I was also jumped around throughout the regional center where I lived at and the people at the schools I was in isolated me because they were convinced that I’d be “that much of a disruption”. Throughout the years, I learned, I adapted and I did everything I was supposed to but my situation didn’t change, I was always treated as a hopeless person all because my thought processes was different and that the things I did didn’t fit in with anything they were doing. I felt like an outcast, a reject, all because I have autism.

I believe everybody should be free, I believe everybody should have the same rights as everybody else and I believe everybody has a chance at life. However, the reality is not like that. People discriminate, enslave and often dismiss people who don’t have any hope, just leave them to their own devices hoping they die a horrific death. That neglect is what caused the autism culture to develop a subculture filled with neglected and emotionally disturbed people who can never leave their childhood lest they forget the feeling of what it was like when they were happy.

You know who’s responsible for the poisoning of the autistic culture. Autism Speaks! The moment I heard a parent say that she wished that her autistic child was dead was the moment I was convinced that Autism Speaks cared nothing for the autistic people it pledged to help and it was only using them in the hopes to find a cure so that their ulterior motives can be achieved. They declared April “Autism Awareness Month” in order to get their name out for the cause, not because they wanted to spread awareness for autistic people, but to proper their propaganda filth. When Knott’s Berry Farm, The Empire State Building and even the White House light their entire complex blue in support of Autism Speaks, you know that society has failed you and doesn’t even care for you, just like Nazi Germany in 1939. Those places support the genocide of autistic people mainly because it impacted their bottom line, some of their support might be unintentional but I stand by what I say.

Fun fact: the coronavirus has wrangled control of #LightitBlue away from Autism Speaks! but if it were a year earlier, an autistic person would of cried for 2 hours straight.

Autism Speaks has made it very difficult for the autistic person to even lead a normal life. Autism Speaks throughout the years has propped up autistic people as special, unique and wonderful then as time went on, revealed that they would make your parental life a living hell and it would cause Uncle Sam and the statue of Abraham Lincoln to shed a tear because your autistic kid is taking your money! Give me a break; normal kids destroy your house more, make more messes, are hard to teach a lesson and generally are going to grow up to be a disappointment to you while autistic kids are generally mild, don’t destroy the house much and have much more respect for you as parents. Why? because it knows that it’s different and would be beaten up by the normies, especially the ones that destroy the house on a daily basis.

And if you don’t like autistic people, you might as well be giving a middle finger to the people who have red hair, who have to use a crutch for the rest of their life. I’ll even push the envelope further, to the people who have to live with having melanin in their skin. I’m scared for my african-american autistic friend living in the same city I’m in because the discrimination for him is 10x that of black discrimination and autistic discrimination combined. If I put myself in the shoes of someone who walks funny, can’t even speak right despite him having a deep intellect and is black then I probably would be knifed and skinned by white skinheads before the day was even over.

I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.

Morgan Freeman

It’s odd that we have all of these awareness groups but no progress in acceptance. We talk about autism and racism as a hot button topic but the media often twists the narrative and play both sides to support their agenda. One side is like, look at the autism people and how they have to suffer and the other side is like; autistic people are evil, we must find a cure to eliminate the threat. When people talk about autism, they’re only promoting Autism Speaks’ cause much like when people talk about the racism, they’re furthering the narrative that these people are dispicables and who’s only purpose is to commit crimes and take white people’s jobs. Instead of treating these people like everybody else, we’re making them stand out from the crowd so that people would react in a negative matter and because we are incapable of treating them as normal people, the cycle will forever continue on.

It’s all thanks to politics, it’s all thanks to people who think they can advocate for the group of people that they hate and it’s thanks to the people of America that every different-looking or differently-abled person is forced to fight for their recognition and fight for their life. Everyday I try to act as normal as possible and ask myself “if I reveal my autism, would they be fake nice to me or would they not treat me seriously anymore” and the feeling is like “why am I supposed to do this, why can’t I be like everybody else”. Autistic people are treated like low-lifes but in this case, it’s people treating you as if you’re unable to learn, adapt and understand; as if you were a baby in a man’s body. While it’s hard to explain what autism is, it’s easy to explain what autism isn’t and I don’t think Autism Speaks deserves to speak for autistic people or even represent them for they have constantly explained what autism isn’t and represented it throughout this decade.

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