Hello and welcome to the first edition of my quarantined life. Today we are going to talk about rewatching old school anime classics like Yu Yu Hakusho. Don’t know what Yu Yu Hakusho is? If you’re an anime fan like me, you probably know by now what Yu Yu Hakusho is.  However if you don’t, let me give you a quick run down of this classic anime.

Yu Yu Hakusho Breakdown

If you are a newb to the anime scene, in summary Yu Yu Hakusho is about a deliquent teenager named Yusuke Urameshi who dies by saving someone’s life. Yusuke is given a chance at revival, however it does come at a cost.  He meets up with a woman named Botan who essential helps guide deceased souls into the spirit world.  She takes him to meet Koenma, the leader of the spirit world.

Koenma then gives Yusuke his challenge to get his body back. Yusuke takes the challenge seeing how he has affected those that are closests to him. By trial  Yusuke gets his body back. however now he was appointed Spirit Detective by Koenma for getting his body back, and will assist in capturing demons in the living world to bring back to the spirit world. Urameshi gets help along the way, making friends with an acquaintance and meeting new people that eventually assist in his quest.  Along the way with his new friends Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei, Yusuke and a few others will go on quite the adventure along with them.

Now I won’t give it all away if you have not gotten the chance to watch this anime classic. For me this is my second round of watching this anime from my younger days.

My thoughts on the Rewatch

Well I already knew how great of an anime Yu Yu Hakusho was, but it had been quite a few good years since I have last seen it. So since I am growing old in age, my mind was quite rusty on what exactly had happened. For me, much of the little details made me feel like I was watching it again for the first time. However as I went along the first season, nostalgia kicked in as I recalled some of what occurred. I  also  recalled the characters you are introduced to later on as the story progresses. Rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho made me realize how great of a story it has and allowed me to become addicted to watching it all over again.


Overall watching Yu Yu Hakusho again brought back the nostalgia and let me relive the story of Yusuke Urameshi. With a more better understanding, rewatching allowed me to view plots in the story with a more mature mindset. If you like stories about ghosts, demons, with some violence mixed in you will definitely love watching Yu Yu Hakusho. If you have seen Yu Yu Hakusho, what are your thoughts on this anime? Have you just started to watch it? Share your thoughts below with us! Until next time Nodballers. Rya out.


Sandy De La Cruz