• May 8th, 2020
  • Microsoft Game Studios

Hey kids, did you know that your phone is as powerful as a PS Vita nowadays? You wouldn’t know because there aren’t many games that take advantage of the raw power of your phone. All the mobile games out there seem to be either casual or casual with a bit of strategy in it. In the case of Forza Street, which is the mobile iteration of the Forza Motorsport series, it’s casual purported to be hardcore\. I admit, the name Forza got me excited but when I loaded it on my phone and began to play it, I began to realize why gamers don’t take the smartphone seriously as a gaming device.

When you first launch the game, you’re greeted by an in-game story which is as lame and pandering as they get. There is no shady underworld or hidden backstory; there is this legal street racing competition and you have to beat generic stock characters who’s only purpose is to further the story and spout out lines so generic you could of sworn you’ve seen them in the grocery store. After that, you’re launched into the games tutorial which is basically, hold onto the gas and then when you hit yellow, release… Hit the gas when it’s yellow again and that’s it, you also get nitrous boosts but in terms of the game mechanics, it just allows you either a chance to catch up or leave your competition in the dust.

If you were expecting a real racing game which uses controls and the gyro features of your device, look elsewhere cause this game is based on how powerful your car has compared to the other car. That seems to be the determining factor on how you win races.

You can customize your cars but that’s only good for when you want to look at them through the extensive interface who’s only good quality is the fact that you can rotate the cars with your finger. Don’t bother tilting your phone, it won’t do anything. You get to customize your car through “points and kits” that increase your chances of winning but here’s a tip. Even though you’re 10 points below the car you’re competing and even if you increase the difficulty to the max, you’ll win as long as you release the gas on the yellow, hold it down when it’s yellow again and use nitro boost during the long durations of straight track where the camera attempts to trick feeble minds by moving around so much.

Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are good and if it can run on an S8+ (GM-955F) then it can probably run well on any mid-range phone. But the point of the graphics is for you to take them in, get immersed in the world. This game is powered using the Unreal Engine and somehow it gets underutilized because the game doesn’t take the time to pause and witness the sights, instead it acts like a kid on sugary candy. I gotta keep going, I gotta keep moving, I can’t stop, I gotta keep moving.

Everything is based on luck rather than skill. The gas pedal is so sensitive that it feels like I’m playing a high-stakes game of California Lotto. Meaning that fate is tempting you whenever you press that gas button. You’d do better to go to yellow instead of trying for green, cause the chances of you getting green are like you winning $50,000, slim but not fair. As long as you’re within 10 points of the competing player and as long as you hit that gas pedal right, you’ll win.

The only good thing I can say about this game is that it doesn’t feel like I’m being pressured to buy stuff like all the other mobile games out there along with the non-existant ads. Microsoft knows how to treat a customer when it’s presented with making a game so compared to all the ad-blasting games out there, it’s a nice touch. I even got a fancy car relatively easily for example. However, when you make a game so easy and so limiting, what’s the point of the non-intrusive purchases, why not make a paid game like Halo for the Windows Phones of yore and just make it a mobile take on Forza, I’m pretty sure people would buy it instead of play this.

In the end, Forza Street is disappointing and lame. It’s playable but it relies mostly on luck and stats rather than skill. Stats are cool most of the time but it’s the skill that really keeps a game going, if there’s no skill then what’s the point of even playing Forza Street in the first place when there’s Need For Speed or Asphalt. I’d rather play PUBG Mobile than to play this for the upteemth time. Microsoft has a spotty track record of making bad games so to see this is surprising, considering Microsoft is always pushing the limits of what they can do despite their corporate monopolistic status. Oh well, maybe next time you can bring us the Forza mobile game we all wanted in the first place.

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T. Karras

T. Karras

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