It’s no secret that we love the “gamer, not a gangster” nerdcore lyricist GR3YS0N around here. His last two albums, No Masters 3 and Vibes From the 545 have received high praise for his efforts to evolve the nerdcore/otaku hip-hop genre for the next generation of fans. If nothing else, he’s a dope emcee with passion and bars to spare.

He is also the featured guest on episode 3 of our new podcast series 2020: Into the Fire, premiering October 12th on the Nodball Radio Network.

GR3YS0N’s latest album, Libra Complex 2, releases worldwide on October 10th. Until then, you can check out the first single for the album, ‘Lord’, exclusively on Nodball! We got a chance to hear the album already, and this is not one to miss! We’ll have our review out on release day, so come back to check out our thoughts on the 10th.

We had the opportunity to catch up with GR3YS0N this week to get his thoughts on the new single, working with people he looks up to, and what to expect from the new album.

Why did you choose Lord to be the first single for Libra Complex 2?

“Lord is the track that I feel is the best to show the vibe I’m on, turning 30 yrs old and being in the game for 7 years. I’m speaking my truth 100% while showing high level rap skill & lyricism.”

Musically, this song seems like a departure from your previous work. Was it your intention to evolve your sound?

“Progression is always the goal for me. I don’t believe there’s anything perfect other then God, so that always leave room to grow in whatever we do as people.”

Artwork for GR3YS0N’s Latest album, Libra Complex 2.

What’s the theme, or the message behind Libra Complex 2?

“The Libra Complex series is based off of how I feel as a man and a rapper while still leveling up as a emcee. Libra Complex was made during a time in my life where I was really hurt and filled with anger. Now, with Libra Complex 2 I’m in a very happy and content place, especially because of having my twins.”

You have some amazing features on the album! What is it like working with Kadesh Flow, Mega Ran and Skyblew?

“Mega Ran is one of, if not my favorite Rapper. Anytime I get the chance to hear him on a track of mine I fan out, but I also make sure I go in ‘cuz I know he has some of the same morals as an emcee. Kadesh flow is my big bro in Nerdcore & Rap, and honestly, whenever him and I go on a track we go ham eggs & cheese, especially for the topic that were talking bout on this song. He was the only one to feature ever since I featured on his Glassy Eyes track.”

Why do people need to pick up Libra Complex 2?

“It’s another chapter for me. Honestly, it’s my best I have available until I drop my next project. I put everything into this one, as always, so anyone who’s ever heard me on a verse for someone else’s song, or my previous music, or maybe never heard me at all, I guarantee you all will enjoy it.”

What do you hope your fans will get out of listening to the album?

“I hope they’re happy— that they rock with me as a artist and as a person. Honestly, one of the important things I always wanna do is make sure every person who likes my content can be proud and even brag about it. I never wanna disappoint the people that helped me get to where I am, which you all will see on Libra Complex 2.”

Big shout out to GR3YS0N for taking some time to talk about the album. Make sure you pick this one up. Whether you’ve heard his other releases, heard him on a cypher, or have never heard him before, this is already one of my top independent releases of the year! You can pre-order the album on his Bandcamp and other digital retailers. In the meantime, check out the new single RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and show some love in the comments!

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