#11: This Modern - The Long Road to the Top

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Released on November 23rd, 2020

Rock/pop trio This Modern, out of Phoenix, Arizona has their sights set high. They have aspirations of hitting the top 40 with their brand of rhymes fused with rock/punk melodies. Earlier in the year, they embarked on a tour with the Juno award-winning duo Neon Dreams that had the chance to put them in front of new listeners and potential fans. Then, like for everyone else, COVID-19 got in the way.

The pandemic hasn’t seemed to slow them down too much. They signed with 59X Records and found new ways to reach their tribe. They keep the dream alive by doing everything they can, in spite of the challenges they face.

Marcus and Sean talk about how they came together, the fateful day their tour got shut down, and how they’re navigating the chaos so that they can thrive instead of just survive.

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