#2: Alfred Banks - Sudden Losses and New Beginnings

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Released on October 12th, 2020

What do you do when your livelihood, the stage and the crowds, are taken away from you? What’s the next move? Now you have some big life changes thrown in on top of that. Do you find a way to keep fighting for everything you’ve built up to this point, or do you take a step back and find a new way?These are some of the questions independent hip-hop artist Alfred Banks had to ask himself. He’s had plenty of opportunities— doing a commercial for Volkswagen, had a song featured in the Netflix Movie Burning Sands, Been a finalist in the Vans “Share The Stage” competition— but has yet to find that golden opportunity that launches him past that aspiring independent status. No matter what, he keeps going and keeps trying. His new side project, SaxKixAve, is getting some good attention, and in spite of the challenges, he knows things are always looking up.

More on Alfred Banks:

  • [link|https://www.underdogcentral.com|www.underdogcentral.com]
  • [link|https://www.saxkixave.com|www.saxkixave.com]
  • Twitter/Instagram: @underdogcentral

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