#3: Lex the Lexicon Artist - Ego and the Epicenter of COVID-19

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Released on October 12th, 2020

While you may not have to imagine what it’s like to have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic, imagine having to live at the epicenter of it. That’s what independent nerdcore rapper Lex the Lexicon Artist had to do. Months indoors, only going out for essentials, or maybe not leaving your home at all. The eyes of the world are on your city, and the media is telling you the worst of the pandemic is in your city, on your block, in your backyard. On top of that, this situation has taken live performances and tours from you. What do you do when the world is closing in around you?

Lex talks about navigating these challenges, gives you an inside look at how touring (and getting paid) work for an independent act, and we also take a deep dive into her latest album, Alter Ego— How she expresses her thoughts on ego (and her own) through her music, and we get her thoughts on several tracks in the album, including Famous, All the Time, and Loss of Ego.

More on Lex the Lexicon Artist:

  • [link|https://www.thelexiconartist.com|www.thelexiconartist.com]
  • [link|https://www.facebook.com/thelexiconartist|www.facebook.com/thelexiconartist]
  • Twitter/Instagram: @lextheconartist

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