#4: GR3YS0N - Twin Blessings and Remaining True To Yourself

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Released on October 12th, 2020

Imagine bringing a child into this world during these times. The worries and stresses of being a new parent in any times, good or bad, are tremendous, but even more so now. Independent nerdcore/otaku emcee GR3YS0N doesn’t have to imagine this scenario. He became a father of twin boys earlier this year. Now, he has to balance those concerns along with a 9-5 job and hustling to get his hip-hop career off the ground.

GR3YS0N talks about being a new father, the evolution of his hip-hop persona, his love of games, comics and anime, as well as the people and places that have helped define who he has become, and how he is blazing his own trail into the future.

More on GR3YS0N:

  • [link|https://gr3ys0n.bandcamp.com|www.GR3Ys0N.bandcamp.com]
  • [link|https://www.facebook.com/GR3YS0NGNAG|https://www.facebook.com/GR3YS0NGNAG]
  • Twitter/Instagram: @iamGR3YS0N

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