#5: April Stevenson - Short On Supplies, But Never Short On Hope

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Released on October 12th, 2020

Picture being an artist. Not only an artist, but one that performs in public. Suddenly, a pandemic hits and that’s gone. You figure, “okay, I can just paint at home, no big deal.” The reality, however, is quite different. You have all the time in the world to create new art, but now supplies are getting harder to find. The basic items you require for your craft are dwindling because of supply chain issues and increased demand due to everyone being in the same boat as you— at home with little else to do but dabble in creative hobbies.

This was the reality for performance artist April Stevenson. Venues closed, locked out of her studio, and not able to get basic supplies to do what she loves, and what she does to make a living. What do you do when nothing seems to be going right? April tells her story of hardship and overcoming the deck being stacked against her as she finds a way to keep creating in spite of everything.

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