#6: LaBranda Pope - The Struggles of the Modern Day Educator

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Released on October 19th, 2020

LaBranda Pope is a high-school English teacher in Broward County, FL. You couldn’t be blamed for thinking what she does for a living doesn’t fit the mold of the creatives we’ve been interviewing thus far. Think about it for a second… When your job is to reach the minds and hearts of an increasingly detached and distracted youth, you have to get creative.

With her background in education and journalism, LaBranda has become skilled in doing just that— reaching students in spite of a system that seems to do everything in its power to reduce the critical resource of public education to nothing but training for test taking. Showing students all the possibilities and nuances of life when the education system tells you that life is linear. Helping students develop critical thinking skills when you’re told to obey without question.

LaBranda Pope is an artist and a creator in her own right. It’s our privilege to share her story, her passions, and her wisdom with you.

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