#8: Shubzilla and Bill Beats - CHAZ Stories and the Power of Two

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Released on November 2nd, 2020

Shubzilla and Bill Beats are a hip-hop duo out of Seattle. While each of them is a force on their own, they have discovered the power of combining their abilities to create something truly special. Discover the story of the moment they decided to team up, and why joining forces has been so successful.

Shubz and Bill share their perspectives of the CHAZ zone in downtown Seattle this past summer and what that area of the city is really like on a daily basis. They also weigh in on the many social/political issues we are facing this year with their wisdom and unique wit and sense of humor.

More on Shubzilla and Bill Beats:

  • [link|https://www.shubzilla.bandcamp.com|www.shubzilla.bandcamp.com]
  • [link|https://www.noirgrime.com|www.noirgrime.com]
  • FB/Twitter/Instagram: @shubzilla @billbeats @noirgrime
  • Twitch: [link|https://www.noirgrime.tv|www.noirgrime.tv]

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