At nodball, we’re always looking of ways to push the undiscovered gems of talent directly to you; even if it means doing all of the hard work that comes with shifting through the stream of videos that may be released at any given moment.

So today, we’re introducing a new series called “New from the Tube”, which are playlists featuring the newest and greatest videos arranged into a playlist that flows seamlessly from one mood to another. Who needs to pay for a Spotify subscription when you can just turn on your TV and chill to videos from people who honestly deserve a chance to have their music heard by you, the fellow nodball reader.

So here’s the lowdown, these types of playlists will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on both our brand new YouTube channel and on our site with a link to the playlist that we publish on YouTube. We’d like to do it everyday but we’d be burned out if we had to to do this every single day.

You will not be disapointed by our first playlist. We scoured YouTube for good lyrics, interesting visuals and artists devoted to their craft and honestly. My favorites have to be Daniel Proper-Yates, BEEBO and Norman Sianne, all of which provided interesting visuals to their songs.

Anyways, playlist is below. Enjoy the songs and peace!

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T. Karras

Musician/Hip-Hop fanatic/writer for nodball and half geek, half street.

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