From the start, I’ve always had intentions not just to make a blog, but to make a resource for independent artists and those looking for the gems in the rough. At first (through nerdazine) I thought it was a blog/magazine that would focus on not only the artist , but the writers themselves but I’ve realized that the goal would be impossible for me to achieve due to the dire state of blogs as a whole.

Through factors like the diminishing number of writers and the commercialisation and dumbing down of said writing and the lack of appreciation for content that this website focuses on. It has left me feeling that the blog is not worth maintaining and growing.

However, there is a podcast CMS that I’ve created and am hosting that shows a lot of potential. I feel podcasting shows a lot more potential and I feel like nodball works better as a podcasting network rather than a blog.

This is a tough decision to make, especially considering all the content on this site but I feel this decision will be most beneficial to nodball’s future.

Many thanks to those who commented, those who I interviewed, those whose music I reviewed and most importantly, those who supported me and continue to support nodball throughout this ever continuing run.

We will see you in the future, the best is yet to come.

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T. Karras

Musician/Hip-Hop fanatic/writer for nodball and half geek, half street.

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