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Nodball's goal is to position itself as the go-to for all things nerd culture, including gaming, comics, movies, music, and more. We are committed to building a community where people can gather to find information and in-depth stories on what they love. We will produce web content, podcasts, and create social media outlets to fulfill this goal. We believe we have built a brand that can cater to the casual fan, as well as the most fanatic, cosplay wearing, mc chris listening, retro pi playing nodballs out there.

We want to make talking nerd culture as normal as your local radio morning show gossiping about Hollywood on a Wednesday afternoon. Nodball.com aims to bring legitimacy to nerd culture that is long overdue. We believe we have the power to make it happen. Nerd culture is the mainstream today, and we're here to tell the world.

For more information about how we plan to achieve our goals, please read our article "What Is A Nodball? We Are The Next Big Thing In Nerd Culture!"

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