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The Top Ten Comic Book Movie Moments of the Decade

- December 29th, 2019 |

Comic book movies have made amazing evolutionary strides since the early 2000’s. The last ten years are certainly no exception, as movie theaters and televisions have been flooded with nearly every major character Marvel and DC have to offer. Fans can’t seem to get enough. while the movie business as a whole is in decline, […]


- October 8th, 2019 |

Joker is A good movie about the failures of our society, but not so good at being a comic book movie. The film showcases how overlooked the poor and ill are. It shows us how society views mental illness and how we have failed to help these people. Joker tells us how far someone will go […]

Joker is not a comic book film

The Future of Spider-Man In The MCU

- October 5th, 2019 |

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back in the MCU! More than a month of worrying about whether or not the cliffhanger in Far From Home would resolve is over! Disney and Sony have agreed to a deal that will see Kevin Feige produce one more solo film and have Spidey appear in another MCU film. […]

the future of spider-man in the mcu

Meet the Nodballs: Ethan Colvin

- September 30th, 2019 |

Why hello there! It seems you wish to know about me since you did click on the link this blog. Well, OK, then! I’m Ethan, also known as the Turbo Lover, Turbo, Ethanol (I go in gas), Jiggles (work name) or anything else you would like to call me! As of this moment, we are […]

meet the nodballs