New From the Tube #3 (05/10/2021)

- May 10th, 2021 |

New From the Tube was never meant to be perfect from the getgo, we’ll always be tweaking it so that the number of quality gems that can be found are high. While music is subjective, I’ve gotten a lot of critique that there was a lot of terrible music in there so I made this […]

New From the Tube #2 (05/06/2021)

- May 6th, 2021 |

We’ve got good news, our first “New From the Tube” playlist was so successful that our YouTube channel temporarily got disabled before YouTube found out what’s up and reinstated us. While it wasn’t that successful, I’m pretty sure the ones who enjoyed that playlist deserve a new installment of “New From the Tube”. This one […]

New from the Tube #1 (05/02/2021) (ft. Daniel Proper-Yates, CINCO, Norman Sianne, BEEBO, Young Sylence & More)

- May 2nd, 2021 |

At nodball, we’re always looking of ways to push the undiscovered gems of talent directly to you; even if it means doing all of the hard work that comes with shifting through the stream of videos that may be released at any given moment. So today, we’re introducing a new series called “New from the […]