Memories Made, Lessons Learned, and my New Journey

- April 28th, 2021 |

Let this be my testimony, and a history that will be told to future generations of Nodballs all over the world, so that we may look back with joyful nostalgia, learn from the lessons endured, and move forward into a fulfilling, prosperous future. The long and short of it is— I’m leaving Nodball Media and […]

Pay to play doesn’t do anything for you

- April 17th, 2020 |

The life of an up-and-comer is often hard. You ain’t got no opportunities cause you ain’t got no experience and you ain’t got no experience cause you ain’t got no opportunities. It’s a big catch 22 and sometimes it feels like you’re facing off against a system that doesn’t want you to win; just like […]

Livestreaming is where the future is at

- April 16th, 2020 |

Before the coronavirus changed lives forever, everybody used to go out. Go out to the movies, to the concerts, to those small events that promoters put on to promote the talent and of course, the DJ parties that were live and off-the-hook. These were the places you’d go to escape your troubles whether it’s the […]