If I, John Connor wasn’t killed, then I’d still be the leader of the resistance

- January 29th, 2020 |

Note: The article may not be suitable for younger, impressionable readers. For years, I have been the face of the Terminator franchise alongside my best bud the T-800. You’ve seen my name mentioned in the very first Terminator, you saw my childhood with T2: Judgement Day, you saw me grown up in T3: Rise of […]

That Chance The Rapper SNL Skit Is Really Funny

- October 28th, 2019 |

This past weekend, Chance The Rapper hosted Saturday Night Live. Opening the show is a parody of ESports coverage of the wildly popular League of Legends tournaments. Chance reprises his role as Lazlow Holmes, a reporter who gets thrown into covering things he has no clue about. Lazlow is confused about everything and has no […]

These 6ix9ine Memes Are Internet Gold (Updated 9/29)

- September 22nd, 2019 |

Update (9/29): Added at least a dozen more to the list. This thing just won’t die. Original story and updated memes below Unless you’ve been doing something other than looking at your social media feed this weekend, chances are you’ve seen a new meme trend taking over. Notorious Soundcloud rapper Takeshi 6ix9ine (his real name—Daniel […]