We get inside the mind of Lonelier to understand what makes him unique

- May 12th, 2021 |

For as long as there’s been hip-hop, there’s been an ample amount of producers and those ample amounts of producers have been influenced from and taken their influences to brand new heights of which those producers have been influenced by and so on and so on. From DJ Premier with his signature style of Boom […]

ReadyRockDee sits down with us for an interview where he tells us about himself, his crew and his city Yonkers

- May 4th, 2021 |

The city of New York has always been an epicenter of rap ever since DJ Kool Herc hosted his very own birthday party at Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx in 1973 and since then it has evolved to include emceeing, producing, graffiti, sampling and imaging, elements that remain a core aspect of hip-hop today. While […]

We interview Mark Cooper to dig deep into his success and losses as an artist and a person

- April 28th, 2021 |

In every aspect of life, there are determined individuals who are always climbing to reach the top, always working to improve their craft, always working to show everybody around them what they can really do. If there was one determined individual who fit the definition to the letter T, it’d be Mark Cooper whose entire […]