nodball does not rely on advertisements or sponsorships to keep the lights on, instead we rely on donations from viewers/listeners/fans like you in order to sustain and grow our little non-corporate network and also keep it online.

Though our expenses are small, the amount of money needed to grow is exorbitantly large. To expand our processing power and storage space, we would need $200-400 a month in order to afford those upgrades and that's not counting the $30/month we pay for our current server situation.

In business, everything's expensive and in a non-corporate world, it's really hard to play when all the businesses got excess income and stuff. Think of it as playing your favorite video game at the hardest difficulty level. A real challenge but a struggle nonetheless.

If you can spare $1/day or $5/month or any amount, it'd be greatly appreciated. Not only are you helping nodball, you are helping out all the hosts keep their home by paying to keep the lights on.

Don't worry, the money is going to server costs and only server costs. If you want to support your favorite show, the host may have options available.

If you love us, donate now! Keep our lights on.