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Gamestop Leaked a New Store Look. It’s Amazing

A Gamestop store in Pryor, Oklahoma recently posted a video of their location’s redesign, and it’s everything a game store should be.


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Posted by GameStop Pryor Plaza on Sunday, September 8, 2019


The video takes viewers on a brief tour of the newly renovated location, complete with revamped shelves for games and merch, a smaller point-of-sale area, and several accommodations for shoppers.

“I know it’s been a long time, but the wait has definitely been worth it,” says the recorder of the video as he shows off the view from the front of the store. As he heads toward the back, you see a whole new area devoted to retro gaming, with retro consoles and large CRT televisions that most kids have no clue about hooked up lining the walls decorated with stylish new graphics. A large table is set in the middle of this area for table-top gaming.

The video continues to show off many of the store’s other improvements, such as a large tablet for ordering items online, well organized accessories alongside the appropriate game sections, a couch with a large flat-screen TV in the front, and they even have some snacks available for those long, in-store Magic: The Gathering sessions.

This remodel is part of a larger effort by Gamestop to improve their business model and start turning a profit once more. Dubbed the Gamestop reboot, the company will be focusing on delivering a better in-store experience through stores like this one. Others will have a different focus depending on the market they serve, such as e-sports and live events. Not all stores will look like this one. some will get full overhauls, while others will be smaller in scope. Some features, like the online ordering tablet, will be universal improvements used across all stores.


Gamestop mall location. Courtesy: Techspot


Tough times ahead

Gamestop has been in a seemingly endless downward spiral, with sales down 14.3% year-over-year, and reporting a $488.6 million dollar loss in the second quarter of the fiscal year. The company expects further losses down the road as they continue to restructure and renovate their retail stores. In august, Gamestop laid off more than 100 employees on the corporate side. Layoffs included half of the editorial staff of the Game Informer magazine, Hundreds of “underperforming” stores were closed as well.

Gamestop attributes the recent losses to a slowdown in hardware sales. More customers may be holding off on a new purchase in light of announcements by Sony and Microsoft introducing the next generation of their respective consoles earlier this year. Gamestop’s market share has been declining due to other retailers like Best Buy and Amazon expanding their gaming offerings. The advent of digital game sales have delt a major blow to the bottom line as well. The one spot of good news for the company is that both next-gen consoles will still have disc-drives. This means Gamestop can continue selling physical copies of the next generation of games for the next several years. Also, once those systems and games have release dates and start taking pre-orders, Gamestop should see their sales recover to some degree.

Will the company reboot be a beginning to the end of their historic slide? Or will Gamestop be yet another victim of the retail apocalypse? Only time will tell, but it seems they are willing to fight it out until the end.

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