Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

- September 13th, 2020 |

I’ve been thinking about what Terminator fans want from a movie and it seems like there’s no logical conclusion. When Dark Fate come out, people didn’t see it because John Conner got killed; when Genisys came out, people didn’t see it because it messed with the formula and injected random craziness that pissed even non-fans […]

If I, John Connor wasn’t killed, then I’d still be the leader of the resistance

- January 29th, 2020 |

Note: The article may not be suitable for younger, impressionable readers. For years, I have been the face of the Terminator franchise alongside my best bud the T-800. You’ve seen my name mentioned in the very first Terminator, you saw my childhood with T2: Judgement Day, you saw me grown up in T3: Rise of […]

Terminator: Dark Fate

- January 20th, 2020 |

They say there’s only two really good terminator movies. the original Terminator from 1984 and T2: Judgement Day. After that, a bunch of non Cameron involved films like T3: Rise of the Machines (which I did like), Salvation and the infamous Genisys. (which was infamous for being truly terrible, but that’s for another time.) All […]